Why should we eat lentils on January 1?

Eating lentils at midnight on January 1 is an old tradition that some people do not deviate from under any circumstances.

In the four corners of the world, the transition to the new year brings its share traditions and rituals more or less fanciful. In France, on January 1 at midnight we kiss each other under the mistletoe and toast with a glass of champagne. In BelgiumEnjoy sauerkraut while holding a piece firmly in your hand. In NorwayWe eat rice pudding in which an almond is hidden. In Spainwe eat twelve grapes as soon as the clocks struck midnight. Bee Canadawe are in the business of polar bear diving, understand we throw ourselves into the icy water… And in Italy… we eat lentils January 1st. It is the great dish to enjoy on New Year’s Eve (for some from the first hour of the new year, same). When does this tradition date? Why adopt? Response elements.

Small round seeds like coins

In Italy, it is a tradition within certain families that cannot be deviated from: eating lentils on New Year’s Day. We can eat them alone or accompanied of an Italian pork sausage, in which case it is a traditional dish called “cotechino e lenticchie”. According to amendedeat these small round and flat seeds that resemble small coins would be a guarantee of prosperity and abundance for the coming year. Eating lentils brings good luck : tradition would protect against a good healthwould bring good luckover there opportunityover there wealth…Although it’s hard to know exactly when the origin of this traditionTHE Romans already consumed lentils on the day of the winter solstice. THE Greeks and Egyptians also consumed it regularly. A fresco from pharaoh Ramesses II indicates the presence of one lentil soup during a meal. Very superstitious, Italians Many people respect this tradition, hoping it will bring them good luck. And little by little this tradition took hold in certain French families.

You’re not superstitious? Eating lentils the day after New Year’s Eve still has real nutritional benefits. In fact, it’s a way to regain strength after a drunken evening. Rich in fibres soluble (which promote transit), vitamins from the B group, proteins and antioxidants (which slow down cell aging), with a low glycemic index (interesting in diabetes), lentils are also very filling. Enough to start the year well.

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