7 Ways to Banish Negative Energy

Keep Your Entrance Clean

The entrance can be made more appealing by adding small plants. Not only from the inside, but also from the outside, your house must be tidy.

Use the Right Colors

The colors employed in home decor or interior design have therapeutic and positive energy-attracting qualities that affect mood.

Declutter Your House

Broken goods shouldn't be retained within the home. These things draw in bad energy instead of improving the décor

Keep Your Homes Smelling Good

The lighting of incense sticks amplifies all the positive energy present in the space.

Keep House Plants that Absorb Negative Energy

Tulsi plant can clear out any negative energy and bring in pleasant vibes. lucky bamboo,is reputed to bring good health, riches, love, and luck.

Use Sounds

Hang wind chimes near windows, balconies, or terraces to stop the cycle of negative vibrations in the house

Rearrange Furniture

Moving and rearranging the furniture will help the energy flow. Make sure the furniture is placed such that movement is not restricted.


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