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The 10 soft foods to use against diarrhea

The 10 soft foods to use against diarrhea

A virus, but not necessarily. During an episode of diarrhea, mild or persistent, you need to know which foods to prefer and which to avoid. And we don't always make the right choices. Reminder from Charline Wirth, dietitian nutritionist.

During episodes of acute diarrheathe body loses water and salt. It is essential to compensate for these losses. Temporarily changing your diet by consuming suitable foods is one of the measures you can take yourself. Diarrhea is often associated with poor appetite, but it is advisable to do so eat well, share meals and eat
to his hunger.
But what to eat when you have diarrhea? Which drinks do you prefer? Discover the advice of Charline Wirth, dietitian nutritionist.

1. Boiled carrot

Carrots are rich in soluble fiber, which helps retain water in the intestines by forming a viscous gel, and thus regulate transit. Boiled carrot softens and repairs the intestinal mucosa. It contains vitamin C, essential for the healing of cells in case of irritation. “The carrot, consumed in puree or steamed, is a vegetable that is in season all year round, summer and winter and should not be withheld in case of diarrhea“explains Charline Wirth, dietician-nutritionist. Good to know: raw vegetables should be avoided in case of diarrhea.

2. Cooked zucchini

Just like the carrot, cooked zucchini contains soluble fiber. “Choose a fairly young and small zucchini, because the more it grows, the more it contains insoluble and irritating fibers, which accelerate intestinal transit.“In general, vegetables from the pumpkin family are well tolerated in diarrhea, such as pumpkin, butternut or even pumpkin. Ideally, vegetables should be thoroughly cooked. Prioritize steaming or roasting in the oven, but definitely avoid frying your vegetables in fat“, says the specialist.

3. Vegetable stock

vegetable stockis especially recommended for diarrhea. “The vegetable stock is bad rich in mineral salts, because it is the cooking water for vegetables, allowing excellent rehydration. On the other hand, it is preferable to consume the broth without vegetables containing insoluble fiber, such as leek, cabbage, shallot, artichoke, radish or
the breaded
“, advises the dietitian.

4. White rice

Diarrhea puts strain on the colon and intestines. Reabsorption in the large intestine is disturbed: water stagnates in the large intestine and is then discharged with digestive waste. Well cooked and white rice is a residue-free grain, which does not cause waste and gives stool consistency. Otherwise, Consumption of rice leaves the intestines alone. Drinking rice water can also be effective for mild to moderate diarrhea. “It is recommended to consume white rice or basmati rice, but we avoid brown rice, bulgur, wheat and spelt, which accelerate intestinal transit. Buckwheat is currently not well known enough. However, it is extremely rich in soluble fiber. Usage in the form of flour to make pancakes, buckwheat can be effective for diarrhea”, underlines the nutritionist.

5. Boiled apple

Just like vegetables, the fruits must be eaten cooked in case of diarrhea. “Over there Apple, rich in pectin, helps retain water in the intestines, thanks to its viscosity ability. In case of liquid stools, boiled apple ensures stool consistency. This fruit does not slow down intestinal transit, but acts as a regulator, helping to correct certain digestive disorders such as diarrhea.“, explains Charline Wirth.

6. Ripe and cooked banana

The banana absorbs excess liquid at intestinal level, which has the effect of slowing down transit somewhat. Banana should be eaten boiled and ripe in case of diarrhea: “the greener it is, the more it is rich in resistant starch, that is, starch is not absorbed by the small intestine.”

7. Boiled quince

THE quince cooked is rich in pectin and tannins. This fruit slows down the transit in the intestinal mucosa, limiting motility in the digestive tract.“Rhubarb, oil seeds and dried fruit should be avoided in case of diarrhea.

8. Cooked pressed cheese

“In case of diarrhea it is possible to consume cooked pressed cheeses, such as Emmentaler or Comté, because they contain very little lactose.” On the other hand, milk and soft cheeses should be avoided, as lactose is difficult to digest and can disrupt transit.

9. Steamed white fish

Contains white fish easily digestible proteins and regulate feelings of discomfort. In case of diarrhea, white fish, such as hake, cod or dab must be steamed. Fried or breaded fish should be avoided. “Salmon, trout and panga should be avoided, especially if they are farmed fish, even though they are less packed with antibiotics in France. recommends Charline Wirth.

10. Chicken (skinless)

Poultry, such as turkey or chicken, contain lean proteins that are easily digested. “Poultry must be eaten without the skin, whose cooking methods are preferred in the oven or in the pan.

Fats: preferably raw and virgin oils

Fat should not be excluded from your diet in case of diarrhea. On the contrary, if it is raw and virgin, vitamin E is preserved. “THE absorbable vegetable oils are recommended, such as olive oil, rich in omega-3, walnut or sesame oil. The ideal is to eat them raw. However, if you decide to brown food, do not overheat the oil. When she
reaches the smoking point, the fatty acids change and become trans, bad for transit and general health
“explains the nutritionist.

Infusions: mainly mint, lemon balm and passion flower

On the side of infusions, green tea, chamomile and verbena support the intestinal tract in case of diarrhea. “Infused mint, regulates intestinal cramps, for example. Over there Melissa is also antispasmodic, such as Passionflower. After episodes of diarrhea, a course of probiotics can be regarded as a means of reseeding the intestinal flora. When transit is accelerated, the microbiota is affected. Also the blonde psyllium keeps water in the intestines and regulates intestinal transit.” Activated vegetable charcoal is also a good way to combat diarrhea. It has a very effective absorption capacity, especially on toxins and intestinal viruses. Activated vegetable charcoal helps cleanse the intestines and tends to slow transit. “Charcoal is also effective against long-term Covid-19, where the virus remains in the intestines for months. When I recommend a treatment to people who consult me, they tell me that they have regained their vitality.”

Avoid water rich in magnesium as it irritates the intestines

During diarrhea episodes “It is advisable toincrease your water intake at least half a liter compared to normal to compensate for the water loss. Avoid all mineralized water rich in magnesium, such as Hépar® or Contrex®. The magnesium in water is irritating to the intestines, unlike the magnesium in fruits and vegetables. We should give preference to weakly mineralized water, such as Mont Roucous® or Montcalm®. Tap water can be consumed, but with filter media. As for sparkling water, it is irritating to the intestines due to carbon dioxide. THE coffee should also be avoided, because it stimulates intestinal transit“explains the dietician-nutritionist.

With thanks to Charline Wirth, dietician-nutritionist.


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