If you realize that society's emphasis on constant self-improvement is unrealistic, you probably have these 10 traits (without realizing it)

What happens if you keep improving until you’re borderline perfect?

Where do you go from there?

Of course I’m joking.

But if the self-help industry had its way, you would be taking classes and buying books until the day you die.

What about enjoying life? What about learning to laugh in the face of chaos and occasionally revealing yourself in the messiness of existence?

Nothing is perfect, even perfection! If you’re one of us wild creatures who knows deep in your bones that society’s obsession with self-improvement can go just a little too far…

…You probably have these powerful qualities in your favorite:

1) You are modest

You don’t talk about yourself much or try to show off.

You know your own skills and strengths, but making sure everyone knows them isn’t your focus.

You prefer to get things done and live life.

Emphasizing how great you are or worrying when other people notice is just not your goal. It’s something you don’t think about and you’re not very self-aware.

2) You are self-conscious

This ties into the previous point, because although you are not self-conscious about how others see you, you are very self-conscious.

You know your strengths and weaknesses and you are realistic about what you are good at or what you have difficulty with.

Improving is something you like to do, but the idea of ​​becoming good at everything or finding perfect inner harmony does not appeal to you.

You know that much of life is best around the rough edges and that trying to perfect everything takes away from the spontaneity and authenticity of the experience.

3) You are blunt

When you know that society’s obsession with self-improvement is a bit exaggerated, you tend to be blunt.

Whatever filter you once had, you removed it.

Sparing the feelings of others or nodding and smiling to get along is no longer high in your repertoire.

You prefer to call it like you see it.

4) You keep it real

You prefer the ugly truth to a beautiful lie, and that’s how you’ve always been.

People who talk about “raising the vibrations” or how to “overcome” negative emotions like anger fill you with instinctive resistance.

You have always felt the underlying shame in these judgments:

What exactly is inherently ‘bad’ about anger? Why is it necessarily wrong or negative?

Let’s face it: sometimes anger is not only justified, but 100% natural and healthy, even with most other “negative” emotions.

It all just depends on what you do with it.

5) You are skeptical

In general, you are somewhat skeptical of grand claims and blanket judgments.

You like to analyze and understand things on a more specific level than many people around you.

When someone says, “Overcome all your fears by taking this special two-week course,” you raise your eyebrows.

Why is overcome all your fears necessarily something good, and who’s to say it would be possible even if it were good?

You’re on the skeptical side. And that’s a good thing.

6) You like fun

You are someone who knows how to have a good time.

This constant talk about improving yourself and putting problems behind you eventually gets a bit…boring…for you.

You’d rather go there and live.

Self-awareness, yes. Getting better, yes.

But are you trying to achieve an ideal state of inner enlightenment that only a few achieve? It sounds quite elitist and unreliable.

You’d rather have some fun while you’re living and breathing.

7) You know how to laugh

Improving as a human being appeals to you, but you find the idea of ​​society to improve endlessly humorous.

You have a good sense of humor and love to laugh.

You can instinctively see how the obsession with becoming an ideal is linked to a capitalist, materialistic view of life.

It has a lot to do with the concept of always upgrading, growing, being ‘better’.

Instead, sometimes it’s hilarious to just laugh at the absurdity of it all and stop always trying to be something other than what we are.

8) You are empathetic

You are also an understanding person.

You can put yourself in the shoes of others and you have always appreciated that.

The idea that we are all natural adversaries or competitors strikes you as a mistake, and you prefer to look for win-win situations.

This is part of where you may find continued self-improvement a bit much:

Where we make progress largely happens in groups and because of the situations we find ourselves in, rather than just our own choices and motivations.

You tend to prioritize being part of those situations and helping to involve others, rather than always drawing attention back to the individual.

9) You are emotionally intelligent

You are a very emotionally intelligent person and that applies to both your own emotions and the feelings of others.

This is part of the reason why the idea of ​​”negative” and “positive” emotions has always rubbed you the wrong way.

You know that people who are ashamed of their more difficult emotions are part of why they go around in circles and stay stuck.

You prefer to see life as a symphony of colors rather than as a palette with black and white on it.

There is so much more than just A or B, and this especially applies to emotions and the meaning of emotions.

10) You appreciate the present

You do your best to live in the present.

Of course you have plans for the future and you think about the past, but these do not dominate your daily life.

You find it important to have fun and do your best in the present moment, because you know that is where your strength lies.

You also know that if you skate through the present without appreciating it, you will one day regret it.

Getting better…

You are someone who prefers to see the positive side of most things, but at the same time does not run away from the dark side of life.

You know that the idea of ​​constant growth Improvement and harmony can even become toxic if it goes too far.

You let things be as they are and find joy and vitality in life without demanding that it always be something more or better than it is.

The same goes for your own self-development and improvement: you love to get better and improve, but you don’t withhold love from yourself or others until they reach a certain benchmark or “vibration level.”

We are all on this journey together, and “passing the test” was never the intention!

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