Predicting the end of the world: Strange role of ancient texts

“this is our earth and we all know that one day it will come to an end. There will be no trees, no animals, no humans, but the earth, the dead earth. For as long as mankind has walked the earth, the human race has been predicting the end of the world when and how the world will end. Humans have been trying to predict the end of the world since the start of recorded history.

As we all know, if there is a start, then there will be an end. But according to human belief and religion, there is also a description of how the world will come to an end. So, through this video, we are going to explain how the end of world and predicting the end of the world according to religious predictions. So let’s get started.

Hinduism – Sanatan Dharma (predicting the end of the world)

Discover the profound teachings of Hinduism, known as Sanatan Dharma, where doctrines and dogmas are absent, and the focus lies on the eternal duty and law governing life. Explore the unique concept of cyclical existence, where everything becomes nothing, only to emerge once more in an endless cosmic cycle.

The Cosmic Timeframes – Unraveling the End of world

Uncover the fascinating calculations of Hindu eschatology, as we delve into the vast duration of a single day in the life of God Brahma, lasting 8.64 billion years. Delve into the intriguing belief that the world experiences complete destruction after 100 years of Brahma, amounting to an astounding 311 trillion 40 billion years, signifying the eternal repetition of the cosmic cycle.

predicting the end of the world according to hinduism

The Four Yugas – A Journey through Time in Hinduism

Hindus believe that there are four Yugas or ages that encompass the evolution of this specific cycle. These are the four Yugas or ages in Hinduism: Satya Yuga lasts 1.728 million years, Treta Yuga lasts 1.296 million years, Dwapara Yuga lasts 864,000 years, Kali Yuga lasts 432,000 years.

Kali Yuga, the last of the four ages, started 5000 years ago, and it has 427,000 years left before the cycle ends and a new one begins. This age has been foretold to be characterized by impiety, violence, and decay, as written in the Vishnu Purana in approximately 1000 BCE.

Kali Yuga and the Prophecies of Kalki (predicting the end of the world)

Predicting the end of the world In Kali Yuga, the final avatar or incarnation of God Vishnu will come to Earth again to restore the peace and eliminate evil. Then we return to the Satya Yuga. Vishnu has already saved humanity on a number of occasions, symbolically appearing as a savior in many different forms.

It is said that he will appear again soon as Kalki, a white horse destined to destroy the present world and take humanity to a different, higher plane. These are the ancient predictions about the Kali Yuga and the arrival of Kalki and predicting the end of the world.

images shows hindu god lord rama

End Times in Islamic (predicting the end of the world)

Now we are going to discuss the end of the world based on Islamic predictions. According to Islam, Prophet Muhammad told many signs about the world’s end. According to Muslim belief, when no one on Earth is remembering Allah, there is not a single person on Earth who says the Kalima, at that time, Doomsday will come.

Quranic Prophecies: The Merging of the Sun and Moon

Quran says when the sun and moon will be merged, and the sight will be dazed, referring that the sun and moon will be merged, either eclipsed, or the moon will be eaten up by the sun. Quran also says on the day mountains will fly like cotton, referring that gravity of sun or a black hole will pull everything up.

Quran also says when the whole land will start shaking, and humans will say, “What has happened to it?” Sexual immorality appears among people to such an extent that they commit it openly. Except that they will be afflicted by plagues and diseases unknown to their forefathers.

People cheat in weights and measures, business trades, etc., and are stricken with famine, calamity, and oppression. As a result, they withhold charity and their wealth, and rain is withheld from the sky. From them, there is rain only for animals.

They break their covenant with God and His messenger, and God enables their enemies to overpower them and take some of what is in their hands. God causes those who do not live according to His book to fight among themselves. That’s how the predicting the end of the world according to Quranic prophecies .

predicting the end of the world in Islamic Predictions

The coming of Dajjal, presuming himself as an apostle of God, a person passing by a grave might say to another, “I wish it were my abode.” The loss of honesty as well as authority put in the hands of those who do not deserve it. The loss of knowledge and the prevalence of religious ignorance.

Islams holy book Quran

Frequent sudden and unexpected deaths. Increase in pointless killings. Acceleration of time. Rejection of hadith. The spread of Reba (usury/interest), Zina (adultery/fornication), and the drinking of alcohol. Widespread acceptance of music, pride, and competition in the decoration of mosques.

Women will increase in number, and men will decrease in number so much so that 50 women will be looked after by one man. Abundance of earthquakes. Frequent occurrences of disgrace, distortion, and defamation.

When people wish to die because of the severe trials and tribulations that they are suffering. Jews fighting Muslims. When pain, charity becomes a burden. Nomads will compete in the construction of very tall buildings. Women will appear naked despite their being dressed.

Societal Turmoil and Moral Decline (predicting the end of the world)

People will seek knowledge from misguided and straying scholars. Liars will be believed, honest people disbelieved, and faithful people called traitors. The death of righteous knowledgeable people. Wild animals will communicate with humans, and humans will communicate with objects.

Lightning and thunder will become more prevalent. There will be a special greeting for people of distinction. Trade will become so widespread that a woman will help her husband in business. No truly honest man will remain, and no one will be trusted. Only the worst people will be left; they will not know any good nor forbid any evil. Nations will call each other to destroy Islam by any and every means.

The sun will rise from the west. Islamic knowledge will be passed on, but no one will follow it correctly. Muslim rulers will come who do not follow the guidance and tradition of the Sunnah. Some of their men will have their hearts of devils in a human body. Mecca will be attacked, and the Kaaba will be destroyed. These are the signs predicted in Islam at the time of judgment. That’s how the predicting the end of the world according to Islam.

Reflections on the Signs and the Call for Faith (predicting the end of the world)

As believers ponder upon these signs and prophecies, they are reminded of the importance of steadfastness in faith and adherence to the teachings of Islam. The turbulent times ahead call for unity, compassion, and a deep understanding of the faith’s principles. It is a reminder that faith will be tested, and individuals must strengthen their connection with Allah.

Islamic symbol and a praying person

Amidst the trials and tribulations, Islamic teachings encourage believers to seek knowledge from authentic sources, uphold honesty and integrity, and resist the temptations of moral decay. Embracing the guidance of true scholars and following the Sunnah become essential pillars to navigate through the challenges of the end times.

As the world moves closer to the unknown hour, it is crucial for individuals to maintain their faith in the face of adversity and to trust in Allah’s wisdom. Though the signs may seem daunting, the Islamic teachings also emphasize that Allah’s mercy and forgiveness are boundless. This serves as a source of hope, urging believers to seek repentance and righteousness.

In conclusion, the signs of the end times, as predicted in Islam, serve as a reminder for believers to strengthen their faith and remain steadfast in the face of adversity. By upholding the principles of Islam and seeking knowledge from authentic sources, Muslims can navigate through these trying times with resilience and hope.

Trusting in Allah’s mercy and forgiveness, they find solace in the belief that every ending is, indeed, a new beginning, and it is through faith and devotion that they can face the uncertainties of the future with courage and optimism.

Christian Belief in the Second Coming of Jesus (predicting the end of the world)

Next, we are talking about the Christian belief about the end days. In Christianity, the end days are referred to as the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, but the date is unknown. No one knows the exact date of the end time, not even Jesus Christ, but the Father, God, knows that.

These are the symbols that lead to the Second Coming of Jesus: there will be many false prophets and fake Jesus. At the time of his arrival, the sun will be dark, and the moon will be turned red. There will be huge earthquakes; the stars will fall out of the sky down to earth, and finally, they will see Jesus descend in clouds of glory.

The Cleansing of the Earth and Judgment (predicting the end of the world)

After the arrival of Jesus with the army of angels, he will cleanse the earth. When Jesus comes again, he will come in power and great glory. At that time, the wicked will be destroyed, all things that are corrupt will be burned, and the earth will be cleansed by fire.

predicting the end of the world according to Christian

He will judge the nations and will divide the righteous from the wicked. After the resurrection of those who will inherit celestial glory, another group will be resurrected: those who will receive terrestrial glory. When all these people have been resurrected, the first resurrection will be completed.

The wicked who are living at the time of the second coming of the Lord will be destroyed in the flesh. They, along with the wicked who are already dead, will have to wait until the last resurrection. All of the remaining dead will rise to meet God.

They will either inherit the celestial kingdom or be cast into outer darkness with Satan. There is also a description of the war between God and the fake prophet’s supporters.

The New Beginning and Embracing Opportunities (predicting the end of the world)

When Jesus comes, he will establish his government on the earth. The church will become part of that kingdom. He will rule all the people of the earth in peace for one thousand years from Jerusalem. These are the predictions about the end days that are described in some sections of the Bible.

Everyone, deep in their hearts, is the end of the world to come, but every ending is always a new beginning. When something ends, something new begins, and a new beginning is always a new opportunity.

the holy book of christian and their symbol of jesus

Learning to see the end of something as an opportunity rather than a punishment would help to change our whole life experience. In the moment when we begin a new chapter in our lives, we should embrace it with hope and excitement for the possibilities it holds. this is the belief of Christian in predicting the end of the world.

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