Understanding the Numerological Aspects of Your Life by loshu grid In today’s article, you will learn how you can know the hidden secrets of your life from your date of birth and how to add your name. We will discuss how to calculate the numerological value and discover the potential hidden in your name. This information will help you understand yourself and others better.

The Significance of Numbers in Your Numerological Chart

Now, let’s move on , In front of you, there is a grid known as the Lo Shu grid, which forms your numerological chart. Each number in this grid represents a different aspect of your life. For instance, number 1 signifies communication and how well you can express your thoughts to others. Number 2 represents emotions, family orientation, and caring nature. Number 3 indicates knowledge, work ethic, and joyful nature. Number 4 represents children, security, organizational skills, and expertise in handicrafts.

Exploring the Meaning of Numbers 5 to 9

Additionally, number 5 represents fun, adventure, excitement, and business aptitude, while also bringing balance. Number 6 signifies luxury, family, security, and a helpful nature. Number 7 represents disappointment, detachment, loss, and even spirituality. Number 8 indicates wealth, power, authority, and Shani’s influence. Lastly, number 9 represents helping nature, philanthropy, aggression, or anger.
Understanding these numbers will give you insights into different departments and aspects of your life. If you want to delve deeper, you can create your own numerological grid based on your date of birth. This will help you gain more detailed insights into various aspects of your life.

Understanding the Basics of Numerology by loshu grid

So, I have shared a grid with the date of birth “3rd September 1957” for illustration purposes. Remember, the key to unlocking the wisdom of numerology lies in understanding the significance of each number and its influence on your life.

Calculating Mulank and Bhagyank

With this knowledge, you can uncover valuable information about yourself and others, making numerology a powerful tool for self-awareness and understanding the world around you. So, grab a pen and paper, as this article is packed with knowledge that you don’t want Calculating Mulank and Bhagyank to miss. Enjoy this enriching journey into numerology and its insights!

I have filled the numbers according to that. Over here I have written M and B. M means mulank. How to calculate mulank? Your date is your mulank. If your date is between 1 to 9, then that is your mulank. If your date is between 10 to 31, then add the double digit and convert it into a single digit. For example, if you are born on 26, then 2+6=8 will be your mulank.

Now, what is bhagyank? Destiny, that means it is a big number. So you will add your whole date of birth big date of birth into a single digit. Okay, as I have done. So bhagyank of this person is 7. Now, how to see this? How does a numerologist look at this? Number 3 is the number of knowledge, so we can say about this person that he might be knowledgeable. He might be behind knowledge; he might be acquiring knowledge. He might be trying to understand small things. Let him be in any sector, in any area of life, but he will be having little knowledge of each sector because this person has mulank 3.

The Significance of Destiny and Struggles in Numerology

I have made article on mulank also. You can go through it and read them. All the article from 1 to 9 are there. You can go and read. So over here, I have seen this, and I told that this person will be knowledgeable. But where his destiny will take him? And the amazing thing is that, friends, if this person will not sync with his destiny, then he will be in trouble. When you are seeing your date of birth, you may find that your destiny was telling you something else, and maybe you are somewhere else. That is why it is possible that you have struggled in your life. It is possible that you are doing perfectly fine.

Understanding the Power of Destiny Number

Still, I have not finished the whole thing. This person’s bhagyank, that is the destiny number, is 7. Now, before some time, I told you that Number 7 represents spirituality in your life. It represents loss. It represents detachment. Now you think, what is his destiny? His destiny is that you go on a spiritual path. His destiny is to be detached from illusionary things. If he understood his this destiny and follows it, then your only answer will he not enjoy his life? Will he not do very good in his life? Yes, definitely he will do.

Challenging Numerological Combinations

In this way, with love, mulank and bhagyank are combined. Now people’s mulank and bhagyank can be there in 81 different ways. The mulank and bhagyank that are found very difficult, I have found in my experience. I have found the combination of 4 and 8, 4 and 8 (mulank is 4, and bhagyank is 8), or 8 and 4 (mulank is 8, and bhagyank is 4). Struggle does not leave them in their life.

It is difficult Others that I have found difficult, I will tell you. Combination of 2 and 8 is difficult, 2 might come here or there, 8 might come here or there. Combination of 1 and 8 is difficult. 7 and 7 on both places are also difficult. Combination of 4 and 9, combination of 9 and 4. The life is difficult; there is more struggle. There are many such things at present time just giving you some glimpse .

The Power of Numerological Insight

Now we have understood the way. If you will understand the core of this thing that how we have linked it, you will understand numerology very well. So over here, we can suggest him that brother, you are knowledgeable, you have love for knowledge. If you are facing struggle or difficulty in life or if you want to do something big in life, then go on a spiritual path. Get detached from things, and if he does like this, then will he get growth or not? You tell me. He will definitely get it.

Analyzing the Numerological Grid

Now I have also made his grid. See, in this grid, his heart plane is getting completed. That means such a person is generous. He does a lot of things for people. He does a lot of things for the society. He wishes that he makes a good place for the world and go. And this person is also very emotional. 77 is coming in the date of birth. I am also coming on double number in this article only.

The Influential Combination of Mulank and Bhagyank

You don’t have to wait, don’t worry. From here we can see that this person will be generous also. He will be of helping nature, he will be the king of hearts. Now there is one more thing I had told you that if you have this combination 9 5 1, they are successful people. Such people are successful. So those people can also be successful. Still, you don’t know the name; you are just looking at the date of birth and analyzing the things. Now when I will tell you the name of this person, this date of birth is of Sadhguru. Now see all the things that I have told. Now what numerology is not affecting any person’s life? It is affecting 200%. In the same way, numerology also affects your life. You just have to understand it with love.

The Significance of Missing Numbers in the Grid

You will see the life of Sadhguru. Knowledge is there, no doubt, absolutely it is there. He went on a spiritual path, he earned a lot of name, became a successful person, and he is also doing a lot for society; all the things are correct. We can still go in detail, but I will keep this till here only because this is the most deepest thing. You come to know about the path of your life, and you start working on it. What else do you want other than this? So in this way, we see the combination of mulank and bhagyank.

Understanding the Impact of Repeating Numbers

Now I will teach you one more part. First, we saw we learned to make a grid in the first portion. But in many of your date of birth, especially in the grid, some numbers are missing, and many numbers are repeating many times. What does that mean? For example, if number 1 is missing, now see what I have written? I have written communication. Now if number one is missing, that means that this person is lacking somewhere in communication. There is scarcity. Maybe he is not able to speak his thoughts; he is not able to express his thoughts to people. He is hesitating. Where 2 to 4 confident people come, he steps backside. He is not able to express his thoughts in front of the boss. He is not able to show his expression in front of people. If number 1 is not there in his grid, from here we can guess like this.

The Impact of Repeating Numbers in the Grid

If this number 1 is over here one time, then you remember one thumb rule today over here. If any number is coming one time in the grid, then it gives 50% result. If it is coming 2 times, then it gives 100% result of their area. If it comes 3 times, then it becomes -50%, that means it is giving you a negative result. I will explain you this with an example of 1 only. 1 was not there then there was a problem in communication. 1 came so you will tell that the communication is good but expression is not good. That means you are able to explain your thoughts, but when you have to express them, thoughts of the heart, over there you lack.

Understanding the Influence of Repeated Number 1

If number 1 is coming one time, if number 1 will come 2 times, then you can say that you are a good public speaker, you speak good, you explain well. You have an understanding of when you have to say what, you have to say to whom. But when this number 1 will come 3 times, then it will give a problem. It will give a problem related to what? It will give problems related to communication. How? The person will become talkative; he will speak a lot; we will be a chatterbox. Or he will not speak at all; we will he sit quietly become introvert. See, you will relate this to your life.

The Significance of Number 6 in the Grid

Now this concept just understands the rule, and you can apply this rule in the whole grid. Come on; I will give you one more example. We will talk about number 6. If number 6 is not there in the grid, such a person will fall in love, but it is possible that this person’s love marriage will not be successful. He might not have a love marriage. Or he might run behind luxury in life; he will wish for it, but there will be a delay in getting it. He might be wanting to build a house, but it will not be made. It can also happen; he wishes for luxury, a house, car, bungalow; he has many wishes, but maybe it is getting delayed in getting them. Number 6 has come once, so in all these things, he will start getting all the things 50%. It came double times then this thing became more strong; he likes branded things only.

He likes branded things only; it can also be in one time, but he is also getting them. That means double combination is good. But over here, I have told that this also represents family and security.

Understanding the Impact of Repetition of Number 6

If 6 is coming 3 times in the date of birth, then such a person becomes very insecure for husband, wife, or children. They start thinking that something wrong might happen with them, someone might give them the wrong suggestion, they might select the wrong career, their wife might leave them and go, or their husband might have an affair with someone. Such insecure thoughts come a lot. The things that were positive, the person who was a family man, now he is afraid of the family only, he is getting worried that something might get wrong. This insecurity is also not good. Understand the rule, if one comes, then 50%, two comes, then 100%, if three comes, then -50%. If it comes 4 times, then it will keep on going negative only.

Calculating the Numerological Value of Your Name

Now we will come to the main part. Now we will come to your name. You can see a chart on your screen with which you can learn to add your name. I will tell you with an example. Let’s suppose the name of some very famous person is Arun. Okay. So over here, we will add his name. So we will see the number value of A is 1, the number value of R is 2, the number value of U is 6, and the number value of N is 5. Now we will add this by applying the + sign. 6+5=11, 11+2=13, 13+1=14, that means 1+4=5. By adding Arun, we get 5. Now you have calculated the name value.

Selecting the Name for Numerology Calculation

Now one question comes to mind that Pandit Ji, which name? My name is sumit Pandey, but my friends call me from a lifetime Pandey only. This is a genuine problem with every people; they are called by their surname only. So should I add Pandey? Or I should add Sumit ? Or should I add Sumit Pandey? The rule is very simple. You will add the name written in the document. What your family members or friends call you, your girlfriend calls you baby shona, it does not matter. You will just add your name written in the documents. If in documents your name is written with your father’s name, then remove the father’s name and add your first name and surname.

Determining the Correct Name for You

Now, how will you come to know if this name is correct for you or not? You fill it in your grid. See if it has a friendship with your mulank and bhagyank. Okay. I am giving you a small tip. Actually, name correction is a very big chapter for which I will make a article if people wants to know . I will explain what care is to be taken. And right now, I will tell in short, your name should be added on numbers 1, 3, 5, or 6. Other than that, your name should not be added to any other number.

Utilizing Numerology to Enhance Your Life

Okay, so this is the name. Now in the last article, I had explained to you Raj Yog. I had explained which number gives you luxury, materialistic gains. Now if that number was missing for you, you add your name and bring it to it so that you will enjoy. For example, if we say that Aman had the number 1 missing, then we will say that Aman, you had the number 1 missing. You do one thing, you write NN. As you will write NN, over here, 5 will come. You will do 14+5, that means now it will be 19. This will not be there, 19 number will come by adding Aman, and by adding 19, you will get 1 in his life. The number 1 which was missing in his life, it is a hypothetical example, that is now not missing. Isn’t this amazing? In this way, numerology does the magic.

I have explained many things in a fast pace, but my main objective of this article is that I give you the rule in your hand, I give you the formula, now you can apply that formula anywhere and will calculate right things only. If you enjoyed it, then increase my motivation by going to the last section of this article. I have many more article also, but that is to be brought or not that is totally up to you.

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