Numerology and Destiny Predictions: 4 to 6 destiny numbers.

we have discussed the destiny numbers from 1-3 in the previous article (here). And now we will talk about the next three destiny numbers that is 4-6. So let’s start with your numerology and destiny predictions.

Destiny Number 4 (Numerology and Destiny Predictions)

It is the destiny number of Rahu. Now look, my way of teaching and understanding numerology is that I understand the planet.

Destiny Number 4

I remember all the qualities of that number. Look, what is Rahu? Rahu is the shadow of the moon. It is the shadow of the moon. The moon keeps on rotating. It keeps on moving continuously. Its shape is changing. So if any object is rotating, then its shadow is also rotating. But the game with Rahu is that it moves in the opposite direction. That is why number 4 is not considered to be a good destiny number. This brings sudden life changes.

You will make some master plan for your life. That I will prepare for the XYZ exam. I will prepare for the XYZ job. I will prepare for an exam. You will go in your life along with a master plan. It will suddenly destroy it. Either you will have to change your field or career. Or you will have to select something else, and this will not happen one time. It happens many times in your life. That is why I am telling that Destiny number 4 is not very good.

rahu image, Numerology and Destiny Predictions

Something is missing. This feeling keeps on following you. Why? Because Rahu is half-body. Sometimes you see its photo, you might be able to see it on the above screen also. It is a half body which is half. So when it is half, how can you ever get the feeling of completeness? Something is empty, something is missing. The same goes for married life and love life also. Everything is good, you have got a good partner still you will have the feeling that something is missing. You might have got a good family also.

You would be in a good job, you might be earning good, but still, you will feel that something is missing. Something is empty. And what is that emptiness? You will never come to know. This is destiny number 4. Job changes, major career changes, frequent changes, all these things become your friend in your life. Restlessness. And I have seen many times even the family members do not support you. The support of family is also missing from their life.

Now you have heard many drawbacks of destiny number 4. Now I will have to praise it a bit. Revolution, rebel, hardworking. If you will tell the person with destiny number 4 how this work will be done, you will have to stay awake for the whole night. He will not even think and he will be ready to do hard work. Destiny number 4 people get excited when any revolutionary idea clicks them. If any such ideas are told to them that when I work on this idea, a revolution can come, such work suits them.

Otherwise, I have told you many times, brain. The biggest thing which Rahu has, its biggest strength, is its brain. So if you have destiny number 4, the brain power that you have, no other number has got. So feel lucky. You will face a problem only when you will not use your brain. And you will start listening to other people’s advice. Sometimes advice of family members, sometimes advice of boyfriend or girlfriend, sometimes advice from friends. What will they think better than you? Remember this thing.

Destiny Number 5 (Numerology and Destiny Predictions)

You ruled by number 5. It is the number of Mercury. And this number is one of the luckiest destiny numbers possible, which you can have. Because such people fall in love with risk in smaller age only. You will find that if your destiny number is 5, in childhood only you might have done a small business and earned some money. And as your age increases, your brain works a lot in money matters. You always keep on calculating in your mind. And you might be calculating that the product is of 1000 and if I will sell it to 10,00,000 people, and I will get 100 crore in life, then I will have fun. But for that, the risk I have to take.

Destiny Number 5

Many other people also might have this type of thinking, but for this work, the risk that is to be taken, a number 5 person knows to take it. One is that you are in love with risk, and as you go towards your young age, you also fall in love with change. That means if the person with number 5 is living a monotonous life and if you are reading this article, then keep your hand on your heart, you might be sad. You don’t like this life.

You like that life only in which there is some change every day or the other, some obstacle is coming, some challenges coming in life. When such things happen in your life, you enjoy it because you are in love with change also and you are in love with risk also. Such people become very good businessmen. You will not be able to relate to whatever I am saying when your psychic number will be 2 or Mulank, the psychic number means Mulank. It will be 2 or 7, then you will not relate to whatever I said because Mulank 2 and 7 and Destiny number 5, I will say that 80% of potential is wasted and they get money problems.

So number 5 is such a powerful number when it gets Mulank 2 and 7, then it is wasted. Otherwise, with all the other Mulank, Destiny number 5 works very well. I told you in one word that it is business, that you do business. Now we will move ahead and talk about number 6. After number 5, if there is any other good destiny number, it is considered to be number 6.

Destiny Number 6 (Numerology and Destiny Predictions)

Sometimes I consider this better than Destiny number 5. This destiny number suits a lot of number 6 destiny people, especially since I have seen that destiny number 6 suits females a lot. But in some cases, I am talking about both, males and females. You will find in some cases that Destiny number 6 also creates problems. Which are those cases? Sexual problems. Many people with the same number 6 will feel this. They have sexual problems, either they are worried or they have them in their life.

destiny number 6

The females who are ruled by destiny number 6, many times are also involved in unwanted sexual relationships, which they want to leave but you are not able to leave. But you have destiny number 6, so you will surely get luxury and comfort. You are lucky in this matter. Sometimes you will get born into a family that has the potential to give you all the resources. Sometimes with your hard work only, you will build such a career that travelling, luxury, hotels, and costly clothes, all will get involved in your life.

It is Destiny number 6, so I can tell that you might be liking shoes, clothes, and perfumes a lot. But if you a Destiny number 6 and you are female, then definitely remember my one advice. Get married quickly at a younger age. Otherwise, as your age will go beyond 28 or 29, a lot of problems come with getting married. Then sometimes problems start coming in getting a suitable life partner. I have also found Destiny number 6 very sentimental. I have found them to be very emotional. We usually say people with the number 2 as emotional. Destiny number 6 is very emotional.

These people who have destiny number 6, when they come into love relations, you will find that they are madly in love. That means they will lose themselves to express their love to the other person. But friends, this is the problem of this world. You might madly love that person, but the other person might feel that it is too much sweet behaviour, and then worms get formed in that sweetness. Many times, a partner does not take your way of showing love in a good way. They do not respect you. You don’t get its reciprocation.

Destiny number 6 is homely. It is the number of a family. Such people become very good fathers. Such people establish to be very good mothers. And I have usually seen such ladies. In old age also, they look very young. I have found that beauty is filled within them. But when we talk about the profession, although such a profession suits a lot destiny number 6 people in which travelling is involved, in which due to a company or due to a business they keep on travelling, such type of business suits well to such people. But many times, it is possible that such business or such profession you might not get. We will move ahead and talk about people with Destiny number 7. Now, what does this number say? Friends, as per my experience with Destiny number 7.

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