Numerology and Destiny No. 1-3: Discover your Destiny prediction.

Calculation of Bhagyank or Destiny No.

How you think is represented through Numerology and Destiny. It decides what the direction of your life will be in which way. If you will do anything with preparation then you will do it in such a terrible way. When these come in love relation then you will find that the people are the ones who love madly.

In today’s article, we will talk about your Bhagyank along with how it can help in deciding your profession and career. All those who are reading this article should watch it till the end because your Destiny no. or Bhagyank is the most important number of your life.

Understanding the Impact of Bhagyank on Life

So first of all, we will learn the calculation. Open the calculator as its calculation is very difficult.

Calculation of Bhagyank

Your Bhagyank or destiny is a big thing. That means all the numbers that you can see in your date of birth. You will have to add all of them. I will take one example for you all. Someone’s date of birth is 1st August 1996. So he has to do 1+8+1+9+9+6. In this way, he has to add his whole date of birth.

The number will come to 34. Again, he has to add 34 because your Bhagyank should be in a single digit only. Then 3+4=7. You might be able to see all these calculations on your screen. Calculate your Bhagyank and also tell it in the comment what is your Bhagyank.

Understand a bit more about the philosophy of how your Bhagyank helps you. Mulank is your date. With that, you come to know about your personality, your strengths, and your weaknesses. The way you think is indicated by Mulank. Bhagyank decides the direction of your life.

Now, in this, career also comes, marriage also comes. In this, your optimum aptitude, attitude, and everything comes into play. It’s like a car running with a driver and the owner sitting behind. Your Bhagyank is like the owner, giving directions to the driver. So, think about how important it is for you. Now that you have learned to calculate Bhagyank, we will understand more about you in detail.

Numerology and Destiny

Destiny Number 1 | Bhagyank 1 (Numerology and Destiny)

They can use the optimum potential in those situations. When anything is thrown on them, when it is forced, that means they are born with leadership qualities. They are born with organizational skills. But all those things are seen when they are thrown into pressure situations, which means leaving them in a battle. They will win and come. But if you will tell them to prepare for the battle before 2-3 months, then they will not do it. They have so much confidence in themselves. They have so much belief that they know this thing and they will do it. And the best thing is that when the time comes to show, they show it very well. Number 1 people are also very emotional. They are remembered for getting emotional and helping others.

I have seen such people that when they come to giving advice, then they will give unique and such advice to people who will work on them. Those who believed in their advice, all thanked them. You will relate to this, definitely comment and tell. They are born with organizational skills. Even if there are 4 people, 40 people, or 400 people, after a bit of practice they will direct them and have the quality to become their leader.

I told you one word, leave them in the battle. They are such that their presence of mind is very active. You just have to leave them in the war, they will win and come. But over here, there is advice for you. If you have this nature, then think that if you will prepare for anything, then you will do it so terribly, isn’t it? You are a real teacher. You have an inborn quality that if you are teaching anything to any person as a teacher, then you are very clear and very precise. And when you become a teacher, everyone praises you that you taught very well because when you are teaching, you are imagining yourself in front. And this nature only makes you very good from the remaining teachers and coaches.

destiny no.1 and numerology

So, over here you have got a hint that you are good at teaching quality. So you can go to the industry where teaching is there, where you have to explain, where you have to guide people, you have to lead people. Now it is not necessary that this teaching is 10th or 12th standard. It can be any type of teacher. He can be a gym instructor, he can be a yoga instructor, like me, and he can also teach courses in astrology and numerology. He can be any type of teacher. They are also very materialistic. I call them spiritually materialistic. That means they have good concentration, prayers, and all, but they also want complete luxury.

They also like BMW, Audi. They also like iPhones, costly clothes, and Nike shoes. They like it. You will also find them of a very helpful nature. They just have to see that if their destiny number is 1, then November, October, and December, they will feel very weak in these months. You will even get health issues in these months only. Over here it is also seen that you have a quality that your friends or your colleagues, in whichever environment you are staying, you keep on motivating people over there. Due to you, people around you can learn to use their potential in a better way, or they even do. But you also have one drawback, you become sad if you did not achieve anything for a long time.

This is destiny number 1. Now you will say which is the best career for them. See, I have given you many hints, about your nature, your personality, and by telling about your direction. But many career options suit you. My experience with destiny number 1 is that if you teach them anything at any age, they will learn. That is why I am showing you on the screen all these professions suit a lot of the Destiny number 1 people. So you can take a screenshot and you can save it. But comment and tell at present you are in which profession. Come on, we will move ahead and talk about the people who have Destiny number 2. What opportunities do they have or what does destiny number 2 bring in their life?

Destiny Number 2 | bhagyank 2 (Numerology and Destiny)

Usually, destiny number 2 is not considered a very good destiny number. Because they are emotional, sensitive, and moody.

But one thing is seen every day in their life. Opportunity slips from their hand. Yes, If you have Destiny number 2 then you procrastinate. You have the nature to delay things. Due to this your potential, when it should have been used, is not used at that time. You have lost the opportunity. Many of you will relate to this thing. That good opportunity will come. You meet good people in life. But today you are sitting at this place and you are thinking that if I had done it at that time, then today’s life would have been better.

destiny no.2 and numerology

Sometimes you also become a victim of unpredictable changes in your life. That means everything is going smoothly. But suddenly some crisis comes in the family. Suddenly the company got closed in which you were working. Suddenly you took some such decision due to which the career changed 180 degrees.

These are unpredictable changes. Many such changes come in your life that you face. But as it is destiny number 2, your best quality is that you like your home and homely environment a lot.

You love your family members a lot. You also try to make the atmosphere like home. That is why such work will suit you, where there will be less pressure. If you are put into a job with a lot of pressure, then you will become frustrated. You will burn out. And if in your life you get caught in any such situation, then you might have noticed, I have especially seen the female of Destiny number 2, that they are also blamed a lot in their married life or love life in a wrong sense.

That you have an affair or you don’t love me, you love someone else. This type of blame also they have to face a lot. But today I will tell you that if you are getting any female of destiny number 2, you cannot get a lovely female than her.

They care too much for their partners. The same goes for boys also. The boys that are ruled by Destiny number 2, prove to be very good life partners. Because no matter how much physical pleasure you may get, the biggest thing for any relationship is emotional support. The whole world is going based on emotions. Also, we may come into the high-tech era, and no matter how much ever chatbots may come, no matter how much AI comes, the thing which makes humans different is emotions only.

And Destiny number 2 is perfect in emotions. That is why I suggest they go in such a career in which emotions are involved, public dealing is involved, care is involved, and nurturing is involved. If you see the career of psychiatry, this is one example. In this, the other person is sharing his sadness, is sharing his pain. So if number 2 is sitting in front, then he will handle it very well. In the nursing department, all the sisters and doctors you see, those who care about their patients, Destiny number 2 is very good. For such professions also, it is seen after the age of 35 that if you have destiny number 2, then you start taking an interest in the world of the occult a lot. All the people with Destiny number 2 and around 35 years, comment and tell. Your interest in Reiki, tarot, and astrology starts to increase.

, that is Bhagyank number 2 people.

Destiny Number 3 | Bhagyank 3 (Numerology and Destiny)

If your Bhagyank is 3 then you are those who believe in hard work. And such people also work hard a lot.

The only thing that you should take care of in your life is that you don’t have to do the donkey’s work. In this life, you are ruled by the number 3, Jupiter.

Such a planet is the guru of all. And if such a person does labour work, then I will feel bad.

Do hard work, do smart work. Do it for your ambition, for your job, for your business. But do it smartly.

Your full stamina is used in your work. And many times this thing becomes problematic. And it also becomes problematic for your family. That the whole day he is busy at work. I have seen such people many times disciplined a lot. And they love to sleep. They love to sleep on time. And if you disturb their sleep, then no one is a bigger enemy than you.

Destiny number 3 people are partying chairperson many cases, destiny number 3 people are the ones who sleep early. They sleep early, but this is not the most, special thing about Destiny number 3. Their most special thing is that they are outspoken. Many times they are chatterboxes. And the people with Destiny number 3 speak so well that if their friend circle is not noticed, then I will leave numerology. I have this much trust that Destiny number 3 people are partying charmers.

destiny no.3 and numerology

At a party, they know how to make people laugh. How to create an atmosphere. Nobody knows better than Destiny number 3. But sometimes you are cheated by your friends only. You have to take care that your friends can also cheat you. You don’t have much profit or benefit from your brothers. Many times due to cousins and brothers also you might be deceived and cheated.

I have seen that in sales, Destiny number 3 does very well. Because he understands the need of the other person. Then he attaches his product to their need. And he can sell it with a story. A very good storyteller. If you have destiny number 3, you have got a lot of blessings on your tongue. Use it. Destiny number 3, you will always have an interest in education and studies. I am not talking about the studies related to a degree. You will be interested in the studies of social studies.

You are also very lucky. Many times you will see that there have been problems in your life. In that, your destiny number 3 has saved you a lot and brought you back. That means issues came and due to your luck, you got saved also. Many times excitement is also seen in you. What I have found is that people with destiny number 3 many times get overly excited and empty their pockets. Promised their friends to give a party. The next day friends say, “Now give me the party.” And due to that, they also have to empty their pockets. They have a habit of speaking. So while speaking, they made promises. And they also incur losses.

They have very good imagination power. Their creativity is very nice. And as I told you, you will do well in all those careers in which speaking is involved. In which education and knowledge are involved, you will do very well there. Destiny number 3 is ruled by Jupiter. It is one of the most powerful destiny numbers. You have to take care when choosing such a profession in which continuous learning is involved. Choose such a professional career in which your growth is promising, that yes, it will grow with time.

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