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Mysteries of Destiny Number: Numerology Analysis 7 to 9

Mysteries of Destiny Number: Numerology Analysis 7 to 9

We have done Numerology Analysis and discussed destiny numbers 1 to 6 in the previous article (Article 1, article 2). So, this is the last part and today we will know about the destiny numbers 7 to 9. If you don’t know how to calculate your destiny number then you can see our first article. In that, we have discussed how to calculate your destiny number.

Discover the Spiritual Strength of Destiny Number 7 (Numerology Analysis)

I have found that this number you are Mulank. For those who do not know Mulank, I will repeat it. Your birth date is your Mulank. You will understand Mulank. Whichever person will have destiny number 7, makes their Mulank more powerful. That means it is Ketu. It is a spiritual number. It will make you spiritually very strong. If you are of any Mulank, it will enhance its qualities a lot. For example, if you are of number 1, your Mulank is number 1, and your destiny number is 7.

So what will it do is the qualities of no. 1 which I have told you, like leadership, authority, loving friends a lot, and a decision-maker quality. This number will enhance them. It works like a catalyst. You will find that those who have destiny number 7 relate a lot with the people of their Mulank and the qualities of Mulank increase a lot in them. Come on, now today I will not tell you the story of Mulank. Today we are telling the story of Bhagyank.

Destiny Number 7

If a destiny number is 7, then of course, without any doubt, I can say that your intuition power will be very good. You are from those people, especially females, who will relate to whatever I say. Males will also do it is not like that. Whatever good or bad is going to happen, you come to know first only. You speak something, you tell something about someone, and that thing happens to them.

But there is also one problem. It is a two-sided sword. This power is a two-sided sword, how come? Whatever you tell to others happens. Whatever you tell to yourself, that also happens. But usually, you are confused about yours. You get worried quickly. Do you o start to say negative things to yourself? If you relate to whatever I am telling, then definitely comment and tell. Otherwise, with all the people of Destiny number 7 that you will meet, they are humble, sweet, and very good teachers because they are curious.

They like to search for what is new in their subject or this world, and they also adapt to it very quickly. Some such people are searched by the people surrounding them or friends and colleagues to tell their sorrow. That this is my problem, listen to it, this all is going on. You also ask why? This happens because if your destiny number is 7, then you have inborn natural healing property due to which when any person shares their sorrow with you, they start feeling better in their life. They get healed, and their pain reduces.

That is why next time also he searches for you only. That is why I tell you if your destiny number is number 7, then you become an astrologer, do astrology, and help people. With that, you can also make your business stable. You can also make your career stable in this field. I have seen if a female is with Destiny number 7, they are more lucky. They have many other qualities separately also.

That is they are strict in a lot of matters and a lot about their things. Yes or no, no grey area, black or white. If anyone will trouble them, then they will deny it. Such nature comes of a female with destiny number 7. But there is also one drawback of destiny number 7, whether it is male or female. There is a lot of chance that they might have an affair after marriage. Now many of you might

Numerology Analysis of destiny numbers

still this thing and many of you might not tell it. But I have seen it in most of the cases. Destiny number 7 people are innocent. They flow with emotions, so there are chances that they might have an affair after marriage also. Now which profession will suit the people with destiny number 7? The occult and astrology profession is there.

Overcoming Obstacles with Destiny Number 8 (Numerology Analysis)

we will move ahead and talk about Lord Shani. That means Destiny number 8. If your Bhagyank is 8, this Bhagyank is not considered to be very good because it is always related to obstacles. Let us always related to delay. And it is related to hard work every time. Obstacles, delays, and hard work, all become related friends, and they follow them from childhood.

Many times it also creates a problem in married life. Now, even if you have number 8 as Bhagyank or Mulank, you face these problems in your life, and things become slow. Due to your destiny number 8, you will also find that the knowledge that you have received in your life, the knowledge that you have gained, not knowledge wisdom will be the right word, that you have got through the sad experience, you have struggled in life, then only you have learned the lessons of life.

This happens to you many times. But I can tell you one thing with a lot of surety, if your destiny number is 8, the more difficulties and struggles that you face, the more you shine. You might have listened to that quote, “The more the gold is heated, the more the smoke it releases.” So, this is the destiny number. Struggle is coming in your life, delay is coming. Don’t ever lose. God has written this in your fate, but along with that, God has also written that only you can bear it and only you are the one who can pass through this and become a successful person.

Destiny Number 8

I have taken consultation of many people, of many big people. I have taken consultation those who own a private jet, who are politicians, whither very big businessmen. I have seen many of them having destiny number 8, and I have listened to this life story only from everyone that we have struggled a lot and came to pandit ji. I have found this one line to be common. So, if your destiny number is 8, there is nothing to get worried. You should be happy about it that God has selected you.

See, what is the game of Lord Shani? He directly tells, “Do you want to become rich? Want to become rich? Do you have that capability? You have that capability. Then come into the ground.” Then he takes a test in the ground, and when you win, no one is better than you, no one can become more wealthy than you. There is so much potential in your destiny number. I have seen in love matters, maybe you are not made for it. Getting cheated in love, love of your life leaves you and go.

Such things keep on happening with you. But you have such a destiny number which can create history, who goes business, in which profession to suit you. For that, I will tell you that you should try yourself and your property. You should try yourself for a property or profession related to real estate. It suits you. But other than that also, there are many professions that the people with destiny number 8 can do.

Unleashing Humanitarian Traits with Destiny Number 9 (Numerology Analysis)

Now we will move ahead and talk about the number 9. If number 9 is a destiny number, then what effect does it have on you? Number 9 has a speciality. No matter how many times you multiply it, 91=9, 92=18, 93=27, 94=36. All the numbers that come, 18, 27, or 36, if you will again convert it into a single digit, then again it will come into number 9.

What is the meaning of it? If number 9 is your destiny number, then it takes the place of your Mulank. Now, if there is a problem in your Mulank, the problem means you are born on 4, 13, 22, 31. If your destiny number is 9 by any means, there is a problem. You are born on 8, 17, 26. Your destiny number is 9. Then you have a problem.

Destiny Number 9

So, if there is a problem in Mulank and your destiny and the number is 9, then it will take its place. Struggle will increase in life. Usually, I have seen people having Mulank as 4 and 8, and Destiny number 9 The struggle, it creates a problem. Even if your Mulank is number 2, it is of the moon, you are born on the 2nd or 11th or 20th, or you are born on the 29th, and if you have destiny number 9, it gives a problem in married life.

There are many such things, the world of numerology is very secretive. If I will write a book someday, then definitely take it and read it. I will write down many secrets in it. And what I was talking about is destiny number 9, they are humanitarian. Their nature is to help many people. They get angry if their anger and passion are not involved properly. Then you will find that they can go on a very wrong path.

They can also be the ones who fight. They can also be stubborn. But they are those people who always keep themselves busy. Always you will find them doing something or the other because they cannot sit free. Even if they are 5 years old or 55 years old, they always roam with an always busy personality.

People with Destiny number 9 are fond of one thing: a good lifestyle. Live like a king. They are fond of it a lot. They will think that if I have come into this world, then I have not come here to live a normal life. I have come here to live a king-size life. That is why you will see their proper clothes, and you will find them concentrating a lot on their body because they crack one thing very quickly.

That brother, nothing happens by wearing costly and branded clothes. If your body is good and even if you wear a T-shirt of ₹200, then also it will look good. Destiny number 9 people like this a lot. They do very well in sports because they are very energetic. There is a lot of energy in them, so they do very well in all careers related to sports. Many other professions also suit Destiny’s number 9 people.

so, here we will end our all-destiny numbers series o Numerology Analysis. And if you have not read the previous article then check that out here:


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