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Least calories, most calories alcohol: table, list

Least calories, most calories alcohol: table, list

Alcohol is rich in sugar and ethanol and is very high in calories. Especially when it comes to strong alcohols: gin, whisky, rum… What are the most caloric alcohols? The fewest calories? The Cider? Beer ? Table and list.

Alcohol makes you gain weight. Not only is it nutritionally unappealing (it consists of empty calories), but it is also high in calories. “Alcohol does almost as rich as fatassures Alexandra Retion, dietician-nutritionist, author of “What are we eating?”. One gram of alcohol represents 7 kcal versus 9 kcal for one gram of fat. Alcohol also does not provide any interesting nutrients. There are polyphenols in wine, these protective antioxidants, but they also occur elsewhere, for example in grapes..”

What makes a glass of alcohol high in calories is “over there presence of sugar and ethanol, two caloric elements” explains Alexandra Retion. And the stronger the alcohol, the more calories it contains. If you moreover add soda, sugar, fruit juice, candy for decoration… you become real calorie bombs which can promote weight gain. How ? The presence of sugar of course, known as a factor of obesity. But also because Alcohol consumption stimulates the appetite And “promotes fat storage, continues the dietitian. LThe body mainly uses the calories provided by alcohol, preventing the burning of stored energy fatsmainly at abdominal level”, according to our interlocutor.

The stronger the alcohols, the more they are concentrated in ethanol and the more calories they contain. Among the champions there are:

  • Gin : A 5 cl glass of gin contains 132.5 kcal
  • Whiskey : Contains a 5 cl glass of whisky 124.5 calories
  • Rum : Contains a 5 cl glass of rum 124 calories
  • Vodka : A 5 cl glass of vodka contains 118.5 kcal
  • Cognac : A 4 cl glass contains 91 kcal
  • Kudos : Contains a 25 cl glass of shandy 87 calories
  • Cider: A 27cl bowl of cider contains 101 kcal
  • Champagne: A 10 cl champagne glass contains 81 kcal
  • Red wine : Contains a 15 cl glass of red wine 100 calories
  • Rosé wine: A 15 cl glass of rosé contains 107 kcal
Drink Calories (kcal per 100 ml)
Kudos 34.6
Cider 40.4
Red wine 66.7
Rose 71.3
White wine 77
Champagne 81
Liqueur 196
Cognac 200
Vodka 237
Water of life 237
Rum 248
Whiskey 249
Gin 264
Pastis 274

When you are on a diet, alcohol consumption can tip the balance to the bad side very quickly. But according to Alexandra Retion, there is no question of completely eliminating alcohol, even while dieting : “It is always best to avoid restrictive diets and frustrations. When you diet, you have to be reasonable. The key is to have fun and at the same time compensate during the day to respect a balanced diet” advises the expert. Are you having an evening or an aperitif with friends? Would you rather fall back on fruit juice or an cocktail without alcohol which probably contains just as many calories, if not more, Instead, consider limiting your sugar consumption throughout the dayFor example, skip dessert, or a snack if it is sweet.

Opt for lighter alcohols such as cider or wine and forget about cocktails.

Choose lighter alcohols (wine, cider) and forget about cocktails that are often full of calories. “Take your time, limit the number of glasses of alcohol, enjoy your champagne. But if you like a good glass of wine, don’t deprive yourself of it, but rather don’t refill it‘ concludes Alexandra Retion.

With thanks to Alexandra Retion, dietitian nutritionist and author of What we eat, The Guide to Good Daily Eating, illustrated by Emmanuelle Teyras, Editions First


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