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in brewer's yeast, where else?

in brewer's yeast, where else?

Vitamin B1 or thiamine is important for growth, memory and even energy and is usually obtained through diet. It is found in brewer’s yeast, but also in what other foods?

Over there vitamin B1 is one of the vitamins used for body growth. It is absorbed in the duodenum and small intestine. She generally is supplied by food, but in other words it is destroyed by heat it has very little resistance to cooking. Over there vitamin B1 deficiency is not always the result of insufficient food intakeit can also be associated with alcoholism or malabsorption in the intestines, recalls the Food Agency in France (Handles). It can manifest itself through the symptoms ofheart failure. What foods can you find it in? What are its benefits? Why monitor your intake?

What are the benefits of vitamin B1?

This water-soluble vitamin is involved in enzymatic reactions:

  • In the transmission of nerve impulses.
  • During the conversion of carbohydrates into… energy.
  • When stimulating memory.
  • She participates too for good heart function of the body, but also of nerve tissues and digestion.

In which foods can you find vitamin B1?

The main food sources of vitamin B1 are whole-wheat productsespecially meat porkand oilseeds. “Our vitamin B1 needs are generally met by food. The foods that contain it most are: beer yeast (40mg per 100g)wheat germ (1.6mg per 100g)oatmeal, whole grains (bread, rice, pasta, bulgur, quinoa, etc.)soya, potatoes, egg yolk, milk, fish, certain types of poultry or roast pork”, says biologist Gaël Saintenoy. A good way to increase your vitamin B1 intake is to sprinkle it on your dishes, especially mixed salads brewer’s yeast flakes.

Food Content (mg/100g)
Baking powder 11.6
baker’s yeast 11
Royal jelly 4.3
Terrine or vegetable mousse 2.82
Rice bran 2.75
Dried or dehydrated spirulina 2.38
Veal stock for sauce 2.19
Sunflower seed 1.98
Tahini or sesame puree 1.41
Dehydrated broth 1.38
Wheat germ 1.32
Flax seed 1.22
Macadamia nuts 1.2
Dry ham, degreased 1.2

Source: Ciqual


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