If you recognize these 13 signs, you are exceptionally good at reading people

The ability to read people accurately is a gift.

And it brings many benefits!

First, it can help you build good relationships. After all, if you can read people, chances are you also know how to treat them well.

It can also help you know when someone is up to no good so you can avoid them.

Want to know if you’re a good people reader?

Let’s find out!

If you recognize these 13 signs, you are exceptionally good at reading people.

1) You are very observant (and not just with people)

You have been told that you are good at noticing details that others easily miss.

You can ‘feel’ when your car drives slightly differently than normal.

You can also see when it is the right time for you to insert yourself into a conversation.

You are naturally observant.

It’s almost as if your senses are always on high alert, without you even trying.

If you’re that kind of person, chances are you also notice the little nuances people make… which makes you a good people reader.

2) You are an expert at reading body language

To you, 50% of the communication is body language.

That’s why you really try to pay attention to people’s facial expressions and body movements to convey their full message.

When you see someone fidgeting, you know that even if they tell you they’re doing ‘fine’, they’re actually not.

They are nervous, but they tell you they are “fine” because they prefer to be left alone.

And if someone simply can’t look you in the eye despite being deep in conversation with you, you know they have a crush on you, or they’re hiding something (unless of course they neurodivergent).

3) You love talking about psychology

If you are the type of person who is interested in psychology, sociology and human behavior, chances are you are more aware of others than the common folk.

This may seem obvious, but it’s worth mentioning.

I’m like this. I love all things psychology and have been reading about it for years – and in doing so I have trained myself to be particularly observant.

I pay close attention to how people move, react, and especially what they try to hide.

So if you’re into these things, you’re more adept at reading people than someone who has no interest in them.

4) You know when two people are flirting

You don’t need to hear “I want to feel your arms around me” or “Come closer, baby” to know that people are flirting.

You can feel it in the way they look at each other, and you can decode it in the way they speak, even if the words they exchange are only yes and no.

And if you know these people well, you can certainly notice how they transform when they are around each other.

If you’re honest, it doesn’t always feel nice to be able to feel all that love in the air. You’re often tempted to tell people to just get a room.

But hey, that’s a consequence of being good at reading people.

5) You know when two people are arguing

good at reading people

You don’t have to see fists flying to realize that things are NOT okay.

People may try to hide it, but there’s always something strange about them.

They may be too ‘good’, too quiet, or perhaps they simply refuse to look each other in the eye.

Ask any of them privately what’s going on, and if it’s not, they’ll admit it and say, “Gosh, I thought we did a good job of hiding it.”

And they probably are!

The problem is that you’re just too good at reading people.

6) People tell you you’re sensitive

Being observant and being sensitive almost always go hand in hand.

You feel bad when you see someone struggling with their homework.

You get angry when you see someone being bullied in front of you.

And you can’t stand watching tragedies on TV.

You can read people well because you are a born empath.

You feel emotions much more intensely, which means you are also more in tune with what others might be thinking or feeling at a certain moment.

7) You can tell when someone is being fake

You can easily sense whether someone is a real person or not.

You can feel it in the way they speak and how they conduct the conversation.

You can see it in the way they hold themselves.

You can even tell by the way they smile.

All this helps you quickly find out whether someone is telling the truth or not, whether he is lying, whether he is trying to take advantage of you or whether he has done so. a good reason to lie.

You rarely (if ever!) get scammed, and this is one of the reasons why.

8) You can tell when someone is best avoided

You are not judgmental.

You don’t avoid people because of things like their race, age, gender, or sexuality.

You don’t even have to know what they look or sound like!

You can’t quite put your finger on it, but there are just some people who make you feel uncomfortable. It’s almost like they have big red arrows pointing at them saying, “DANGER!”

Even weirder is that when you talk about it with your friends, they’re like, “Huh?! I don’t think they are like that.”

But weeks later they came running to you and said, “Yes, you’re right!”

And of course, you’re right: you figured out they were dangerous because you’re so good at reading people.

9) People find it difficult to lie to your face

Liars and opportunists don’t stick around for too long.

And the reason is that they quickly learn that you can see through it. It makes them feel uncomfortable and they don’t want that.

That discomfort becomes very apparent when they have no choice but to be near you.

They stutter, fidget, are extremely quiet, and are “distracted”. It’s almost like they’re afraid you’re going to crucify them!

Have you been called ‘intimidating’?

Well, they’re probably afraid of you because you’re good at reading people.

10) You easily feel tension in a group

You can tell when a family is dysfunctional, when a friend group is toxic, or when a couple is on the verge of breaking up.

They can act nice together and pretend to have fun, but you can sense that something isn’t quite right.

It feels like you’re watching a suspense drama with crappy actors.

People are too pompous and too cautious.

There is a large powder keg in the room and people are walking on eggshells because one wrong move can easily cause it.

11) You can guess what someone is going to say

Sometimes you can already imagine what someone is going to say before he or she has even opened their mouth.

Of course, it doesn’t always happen. But it happens often enough that people even start to notice it.

Let’s say you’re standing in line and the old lady in front of you keeps fidgeting. You see them turn towards you and you can already tell that they want you to hold their spot.

Or maybe you see your mother watching you while you’re listening to music and you think she wants you to turn down the volume.

This happens through a combination of intuition, knowledge of a person (you know your mother hates loud music), and the ability to read people well.

12) You are charming

Now you don’t find yourself that charming at all.

It’s not like you’re classy, ​​a smooth talker, or a dork. You might even be so rude that you might make a sailor blush!

But people insist that you are still ‘charming’.

Don’t just dismiss it as flattery; maybe you are very charming.

You are charming because you know how to connect with people.

It doesn’t take you much time to find out things about the people you’re talking to, and it’s second nature for you to talk to them on their level.

And that, my friend, is what charm is all about.

13) People have said to you: ‘you know me better than I know myself’

You may have dismissed it as mere flattery… or even sarcasm!

It’s not like it could ever be possible that you know someone better than he or she knows themselves, right?

Hold that thought.

Some people are not so self-aware. Who they think they are may be different from who they are.

They reveal a lot about themselves through things they do unconsciously, such as the way they talk, the way they move their body, or even the way they dress.

If people have told you over and over again that you know them better than they do, it may be that you are good at picking up on these little signals and understanding them correctly.

Last words

The ability to read people is not a superpower that only a chosen few can ever have.

If you can relate to some of the things I’ve described here, then you’re probably someone who at some point in the past had to learn to read people.

And if you don’t, don’t worry!

You can teach yourself to read people better for as long as you want. And you can start by paying more attention to the world around you.

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