If someone exhibits these 8 behaviors, he or she is a pleasant person to be around

Have you ever felt attracted to someone but can’t fully explain why?

They are the person who is charismatic, friendly and full of undeniably positive energy. In other words, they’re downright wonderful to spend time with.

If none come to mind, maybe there is a fictional character who does!

For me it has to be Elle Woods, the fearless and fashionable lawyer in Legally Blonde.

Played by Academy Award winner Reese Witherspoon, Elle is one of those characters that really lights up a room.

In the film, Elle becomes a figure that others naturally gravitate around, creating a fun atmosphere that reflects her warmth and positivity.

It’s not just about her fashion sense and beauty, Elle’s kindness and her authentic connections with others make her a person people love to be around.

Have you ever encountered a character as captivating as Elle Woods, someone whose kindness and charm bring people together?

When it comes to spotting a nice person in the wild, here are the behaviors to look out for.

1) They regularly help others without expecting any favors in return

Hanging out with someone who is always willing to lend a hand without expecting anything in return is a rarity these days.

Whether they’re holding the door open for someone struggling with shopping bags or lending a hand with a friend’s move, these sweet souls have a noticeably generous nature.

What makes it so great to be around them is that they don’t keep score. Not at all.

They don’t do the good deed for the praise or the reward, but rather do it because they genuinely enjoy spreading good feelings.

It creates a wonderful atmosphere where you feel comfortable, appreciated and included in a community built on kindness.

Best of all, this kind of behavior can be contagious!

2) They show good manners to everyone

It sounds a bit strange, but I like to think of good manners as the oil that makes social interaction flow smoothly.

It minimizes friction and helps people connect without unnecessary complications.

For this reason, a person who shows good manners towards everyone can be considered a truly nice person.

When someone is polite, it shows that he appreciates the people around him. It’s a kind of recurring recognition that they believe everyone deserves to be treated well.

Imagine sitting with someone at an Italian restaurant and ordering a hearty bowl of gnocchi. When it comes to the ordering part of the evening, you notice how they treat the waiter or waitress in a friendly and attentive manner.

It’s about more than just politely ordering the pasta; it’s about them recognizing the efforts of those who provide a service to them.

This simple act of politeness not only makes the person pleasant to be around, but also reflects their empathy.

3) They exhibit a non-judgmental attitude

We all have that wonderful friend who is basically a human diary.

You can convey your thoughts and feelings, the good, the bad, and the downright ugly, and they won’t even flinch.

That’s the beauty of a sweet, non-judgmental friend: they create this safe haven where you can be your most authentic, messy self without worrying about raised eyebrows or disapproving looks.

That kind of acceptance is like a breath of fresh air. It’s this feeling that says, “Hey, your thoughts are welcome and they are valid.”

It’s not just about the big reveals… it’s about the little quirks too! Maybe you have a weird habit of dancing around the kitchen when you make your noodles.

A non-judgmental friend won’t make you feel weird about those things… in fact, the best ones can even join in.

4) They automatically improve the mood of the group

You know those people, like Elle Woods, who have the seemingly magical ability to light up a room as soon as they enter?

It’s like they bring with them an instant ray of sunshine that makes everyone sit a little straighter and smile a little brighter.

I think it’s all about that ineffable charisma. They have a magnetic energy that makes you feel good only when they are around.

It’s not just about a smile or a friendly greeting. It is quite an aura that they bring with them.

You can feel it in the way they behave. They are confident, but not in a boastful way. They know how to effortlessly crack a joke, share a laugh, and suddenly all the tension in the air dissolves. It’s really contagious.

And the nice thing is: it’s real… it’s not an act at all!

They radiate authenticity, which makes everyone feel at ease and enjoy being around them.

These particular souls are the real MVPs of good vibes.

5) They address people by name

This one is pretty simple, but it makes particularly sweet souls stand out. It’s calling people by their names.

Addressing people by name is a social skill that goes beyond verbal communication: it creates a nuanced interpersonal connection.

Using someone’s name shows genuine interest in that person, which promotes a sense of recognition and importance.

This personal approach is especially valuable in group situations, making individuals feel recognized and valued.

Psychologically, hearing your own name evokes a positive response, strengthening the social bond.

This behavior reflects emotional intelligenceshowing that this person can navigate social dynamics with grace and thoughtfulness.

6) They involve others and make them feel welcome

One special thing that nice people tend to do is they make everyone feel like they belong, you know?

It’s almost as if they are the glue that holds the entire group together.

They leave no one out, but involve others and really make them feel like they are a crucial part of the gang.

It’s more than just saying hello; they do everything they can to make everyone feel super welcome and appreciated.

As a result, hangouts with them allow laughter, shared moments and a strong sense of belonging to happen naturally.

In today’s world, where everyone is different, this person understands how crucial it is to do that put inclusivity into practice.

7) They come up with fun social ideas and things to try

Think about a normal, everyday weekend with nothing special planned.

Then at the last minute one of your dearest friends comes up with fun ideas to turn that boring time into a really fun time.

They’re the person whose crazy ideas make the usual things much more interesting, whether it’s roller disco, wine and painting nights, or an impromptu pot luck dinner.

But it’s not just about the activities. It’s about the excitement they bring.

If someone really enjoys doing things together, it rubs off on everyone.

Their energy makes time together full of laughter, happiness and friendship.

Plus, coming up with fun ideas shows that they are creative and that they care. They think beyond the usual, making every meeting more interesting.

It’s not just about doing fun things, creating real memories that last.

8) They like to listen

Now let’s talk about listening skills. There are some great individuals out there who don’t just nod along to be polite, they are really attuned to it.

When you share your latest triumph or pour your heart out about a tough day at the office, they’re there for you.

No judgment, no interruption, just pure, undivided attention.

It’s as if they have mastered the art of being fully present in the moment.

This is the kind of special bond that makes you feel seen, heard and appreciated – who wouldn’t want that in a friend?

Final thoughts

In short, choosing the truly kind people in our lives can bring joy in a world where kindness is rare.

Imagine people like Elle Woods, who exude charisma and friendliness and attract others with behavior that goes beyond simple, superficial interactions.

These lovely souls exhibit selfless generosity, universal good manners, non-judgmental acceptance and effortlessly improve mood.

They create inclusive environments, suggest creative social ideas, and master listening attentively.

In social settings they always create a good atmosphere, turning ordinary moments into memorable adventures and making those around them feel recognised, important and truly appreciated.

If you have a genuinely nice person in your life, consider yourself lucky.

And hey, maybe even send them a message telling them how much you appreciate them and what they bring to your life.

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