Home Psychology If a man uses these 15 phrases in a conversation, he lacks class and sophistication

If a man uses these 15 phrases in a conversation, he lacks class and sophistication

If a man uses these 15 phrases in a conversation, he lacks class and sophistication

An overly nice and polite man is often a turn off for women, but that doesn’t mean a total jerk is attractive.

It’s true that many women are attracted to a man who speaks his mind and doesn’t try to please her, but a truly rude and disrespectful man turns off those he encounters.

As Hannah Orenstein and Kathryn Jones note:

“You’ve been there: you’re talking to a man, everything is normal, and suddenly: boom.

He says something so ridiculously rude, creepy, or randomly sexual that it actually short-circuits your brain.”

Not cool!

Here are some phrases a classless man uses in a conversation. These and similar turns of phrase are the hallmarks of a man who thinks he has a game, but has absolutely no idea.

These types of rude and low-class comments reveal an insecure, bitter man that you should stay far away from.

Let’s start…

1) “What is your body count?”

The term “body count” has entered the slang lexicon in recent years and it’s disgusting.

It means how many people someone has had sex with and is sometimes asked by social media influencers and other personalities.

Even as a joke, it’s just the most ridiculous and classless way to ask about someone’s intimate history.

If a guy says or asks something that has to do with “body count,” he’s either a low-class frat bro type, or he’s faking it because he thinks you’ll find it funny or you will find attractive.

Anyway, avoid.

2) “Damn girl, I wanna hit that”

Terms relating to “hit that” and similar expressions don’t exactly scream sophistication.

If a man uses these kinds of terms with his male friends or with you, he still has a lot to learn about decency and class.

Men who respect women (and themselves) don’t call the sexual act “hitting it,” even as a joke. It’s not even about morality or decency.

It just sounds disgusting and low-grade.

3) “I don’t like women who…”

Who asked him?

And even if you ask what kind of women he is attracted to, he immediately focuses on what he doesn’t like.

Bad sign, to be honest.

There are plenty of guys who aren’t bitter, and you’d be much better off spending time with one of them.

4) “You were probably super hot when you were younger”

There are all kinds of creepy layers to this sentence.

First of all, how much younger is he talking about?

Secondly, this implies that you are no longer hot and are very focused on your appearance.

It’s just not the kind of thing a sophisticated man would say, and it indicates that he is a critical and judgmental person who is out to make you insecure and out of the closet by ‘ignoring’ you.

Difficult pass.

5) “You’re pretty good for a…”`

This statement is usually preceded by some demographic or ethnic bias.

It’s hard to believe guys still talk like that in 2023, but some sure do.

It’s also often disguised as a joke, something like “you’re quite qualified to major in philosophy.”

Okay, and…? Should you be impressed or interested that he finds you handsome?

This brings me to the next point…

6) “You are a 7 max”

Men who use numbers to describe a woman’s attractiveness are stuck in a juvenile high school mentality of the most toxic type.

If he says it to you, he’s a loser; if he says it to other guys, he has serious misogyny issues.

This is a crazy frat bro mentality on steroids and there is no real way to respect a man who talks about a woman being a “9” or a “hard 8” (whatever that means).

The problem isn’t just the objectification, it’s the assumed comedic authority in deciding what to rate someone on a scale of attractiveness.

Have fun rating pornstars, guys.

7) “Why do I always attract girls like you?”

This is horrible to say, but guys will definitely do it, especially if problems arise in the first few weeks or months of dating.

Everyone has some baggage, and relationships require empathy and some understanding.

But the kind of man who reacts when he hears about your problems or past by saying he’s not ready for an adult relationship and that he doesn’t deserve your time.

Simple as that.

8) “You look different than in your photos”

This may be true, and no one likes to date someone who posts deliberately misleading photos of themselves online.

At the same time, it’s just not the right thing to say to someone.

If a man thinks you’re being deceptive in the way you present yourself online, if he politely declines to contact you for a second date, it’s something you should keep to yourself.

9) “You wouldn’t understand”

Guys who use this phrase are plagued by two suboptimal traits:

Arrogance and self-pity.

It’s a poisonous brew.

When a man tells you that you won’t understand, the only reason for saying that is to show off or to gain pity. If you really don’t understand something about a topic or issue he’s discussing, he may avoid mentioning it in the first place.

Just something to keep in mind.

10) “Does that work for most guys?”

This is the kind of pretentiousness that someone learned from a pickup artist or from too many Andrew Tate compilations on YouTube.

It makes him sound foolish and arrogant, but he hopes it creates some insecurity in you.

In certain contexts this can be funny if delivered in a semi-sarcastic manner, but overall it’s a throwaway comment that’s just a bait to make women feel insecure.

11) “I shouldn’t have missed UFC for this.”

Bad dates happen and it’s fair enough that a guy gets frustrated.

But this double whammy referring to UFC and referring to wasting his time going out is pretty weak.

If the date is really that bad, he’d better leave or just grin and bear it.

Making a lame comment about how he’d rather be with the brothers and watch grown men roll around in each other’s sweats is just a lowbrow thing to say.

12) “It’s a good thing I don’t like tall women”

So you’re not that tall?

Worse things have happened.

Guys who try to ignore you because of your height are insecure creatures with no real charisma or charm.

If all he can say revolves around his opinion of your height, there is no reason to show interest in him.

13) “Maybe you should order a smaller meal”

Guys making jokes about a woman’s weight is nonsense.

I’m not saying that weight doesn’t matter, because we all know that it matters for both health and – to some extent – ​​attractiveness.

But you don’t say things like that to a woman, no matter how well you know her or how long you’ve been dating.

It’s hurtful, superficial and cruel.

14) “Monogamy is totally oppressive”

This is the kind of thing a guy often says to get some action.

Sometimes it’s just his honest opinion, and in that case honest enough.

But the loaded term “oppressive” is a bit suspect here. I’m pretty sure no one is forcing him to get married, and it might be a bit hurtful to undermine any hopes for monogamy by saying this.

15) “I changed my mind. Let’s just be friends”

People’s emotions change, fair enough.

But the kind of guy who makes this statement is usually a player with the kind of mentality that is best avoided.

This is especially true if he drops this kind of decision after you’ve hooked up and he’s had fun with you. How convenient.


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