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Eating only fruit: dangers, benefits, for weight loss?

Eating only fruit: dangers, benefits, for weight loss?

Influencer Zhanna D’Art died at the end of July 2023 at the age of 39 and “died of hunger”, according to her family. For four years she ate only fruit and seeds. Is an all-fruit diet healthy? Dangerous?

Influencer Zhanna D’Art died at the end of July 2023 at the age of 39 and, according to her family, died of starvation. New York Post. For four years, this raw food lover has done nothing but eat fruit, sprouted sunflower seeds, fruit smoothies and juices. Although the reasons for his death have not been officially announced, it is likely that his diet had something to do with it.

Can we eat only fruit?

Only eat fruit harmful to health. The body needs many nutrients it will miss with a diet consisting only of fruit.

What are the benefits of fruit?

The fruits will bring many vitamins (A, C, B2, B6, K), fiber and certain minerals but this will not be able to compensate for the deficiencies caused by such a diet. “There’s no point in just eating fruit.”says Raphaël Gruman, nutritionist.

Does eating fruit make you lose weight?

Weight loss is very fast because fruit contains few calories. “Moreover, muscles weigh heavily and without protein intake you can lose at least three kilos after a week. But you won’t survive just eating fruit.”“, repeats Raphaël Gruman. Several slimming diets have been popular, such as the famous Hollywood diet or the apple-based mono-diet, but these diets cause a lot of frustration and are harmful to health.

What are the dangers of eating only fruit?

The dangers of such diets are these linked to malnutrition. It will start with one total energy loss and great fatigue, asthenia. “We feel this fatigue from the second day“, specifies the specialist. The serious lack of proteins will then lead to:

  • a sarcopenia or rapid muscle breakdown
  • of the digestive disorders (diarrhea)
  • of the edema
  • over there hair loss
  • a hormonal deficiency (thyroid, sex hormones, insulin, etc.) are harmful to health and can lead to death

Eating only fruit will lead to other deficiencies, especially in:

  • vitamins B6, B9, B12
  • minerals such as zinc and selenium

“All these deficiencies will cause numerous physiological disorders, anemia, lack of immunity, cognitive and nervous disorders and motor problems.“explains our expert.

Eating only fruit in the morning: a good idea?

I don’t recommend it. The fruits are quite sweet food and if not eaten with other food, they make it increases blood sugar levels quickly. If we only eat fruit in the morning, we will be very hungry very early in the morning.”, develops the nutritionist. That’s what we call it reactive hypoglycemia. So, Eating fruit in the morning is a good eating habit, provided it is supplemented with breakfast cereals or whole wheat bread and dairy products.

Eating only fruit in the evening: a good idea?

Again it is a red card. “Unlike vegetables, most of which are not that sweet, eating only fruit in the evening involves eating consuming lots of sugar while getting ready for sleep“, notes Raphaël Gruman. The energy consumed will not be spent, but stored by the body.

Eating only fruit for three days: good for your health?

Apples, grapes and cherries are among the most popular foods for mono-diets, these fashionable remedies of recent years, which consist in eating one and the same food for several days. “The glycemic intake is too high. We don’t even get the detoxifying effect that we could get with vegetables. I recommend this type of diet for one day and only with vegetables, especially not with fruits.”, concludes the nutritionist.

With thanks to Raphaël Gruman, nutritionist in Paris and Deauville.


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