Cronobacter: contamination, dangers, what is it?

Although Cronobacter infections are rare, they can be dangerous. Explanation with Pauline Kooh, scientific project manager within the food risk assessment unit at ANSES. Resume What is Cronobacter? Cronobacteria are bacteria present in the environment. They are considered opportunistic pathogens responsible for infections, especially in newborns (infants born less than two months premature or with … Read more

I did yoga nidra every night for a week before going to sleep – this changed my dream patterns

I have always been a restless sleeper. Even as a child, I would toss and turn, my thoughts racing, counting sheep into the early hours. As an adult, this problem only escalates. The stress of work, family, and everything else life throws my way made sleep a nightly struggle. Moreover, I have always been fascinated … Read more