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better for your health? The dietitian's opinion

better for your health?  The dietitian's opinion

Air fryers or air fryers are all the rage, but is it really less fat and therefore better for your health? Does that give us permission to eat fries more often?

It's trendy: hot air fryer type “Air fryer” is everywhere. It is impossible not to have seen her without giving in to temptation eat less greasy fries So less bad for your health and the line. But what is it actually?

Traditionally, frying is a cooking method that involves immersing food in a significant amount of hot fat, usually vegetable oil. “Oil-free fryers, such as Air fryerscombine two technologies: hot air circulation and convection cooking, explains Charles Brumauld, dietitian, specialist in eating behavior. The fryer heats the air in the fryer and ventilates it around the food. By adding a small amount of oil this hot air circulating at high speed creates aCrispy texture that is almost like fryingwithout the need for a large amount of oil“.

Fries with 30% less fat?

Considering the technological process, it is necessarily less fat, because traditional frying requires several liters of oil on average, rather than roughly a spoonful of oil for air fryers. 'LFries made in the air fryer are less greasy, our conversation partner confirms. These can contribute to the weight regulation if we often eat fried products. But the accounting view of calories is not sufficient to regulate our food intake.” French fries remain high in calories thanks to the starch in the potatoes. The ideal is tochoose fresh potatoes and prefer natural herbs with high-calorie sauces.

  • 100 g of fries fried in a conventional deep fryer corresponds to approximately 285 calories
  • 100 g of fries cooked in the “air fryer” is approx 30% less rich, is nearby 200 calories. It all depends on the amount of oil added (from 1 teaspoon to 1 or even 2 tablespoons of oil)

Better for your health?

Cooking in the Airfryer is slightly less harmful, since we get less oil than with a classic deep fryer. “But frying oil often is rich in omega-6 and saturated fatty acids, fats that we consume in excess today, at the expense of omega 3 (rapeseed, flax, camelina oil, etc.)”, the dietitian answers. And it must be weighed against the frequency of consumption and the associated lifestyle. For someone who eats according to a Mediterranean-inspired model (colorful, predominantly plant-based, including a high proportion of seasonal fruits and vegetables, fresh, often raw, whole grains, legumes, seeds and nuts), who moves every day and takes breaks during the day regulate your stress or his uncomfortable emotions, eat “classic fries” occasionally will have little exposure to his health”.

Can you eat fries more often if you use them?

It seems logical to answer yes, according to our conversation partner. But in reality no. Because although the fries in a hot air fryer are less greasy, they are still associated with production acrylamide, a potentially carcinogenic molecule for man and whose European health authorities advise to limit exposure. In question, the Maillard reaction that is formed between the sugars and proteins of the food during cooking, such as on toast, roasted vegetables or crème brûlée. This browning of food also occurs when cooking in the “air fryer”.

Cooking in an “air fryer” is said to reduce the formation of acrylamide

According to a recent study, the formation of acrylamide in the 'air fryer' is less than in a conventional deep fryer.anyway this remains a short and very intense cooking processtherefore not comparable to steaming or marinating, which better preserves nutrients, especially those sensitive to heat“. “For this aspect related to the Maillard reaction, it seems to me useful for his health limit consumption frequency, even if everything has to be rebalanced against the way of life,” warns the expert.

Tastier fries?

With “classic frying” the oil is absorbed up to 40%, depending on the type of food. This gives them great palatability, a golden appearance and… a crispy, melting texture, which gives the eater a feeling of intense taste pleasure. With an air fryer the texture is different And may “disappoint” some users.. “It is up to the consumer to place the cursor: if he often eats fried products (zucchini fritters, breaded products, fries, spring rolls, etc.), the “air fryer” can be an interesting alternative to cook food evenly and quickly quite crispy texture. If he eats it occasionally and the taste experience takes precedence over everything else, he may prefer the classic version“, he concludes.

With thanks to Charles Brumauld, dietitian, specialist in eating behavior and author of the book “Le SAV de l'aliment” (Ed.First)


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