80% of people have at least one toxic coworker, and it's not Patrick from accounting: the typical profile

Gossip, lies, pretenses, victim position… 80% of French people believe they have at least one toxic colleague in their professional circle, a survey shows.

1,600 hoursit’s here the average time spent in the workplace each year in France according to the Ministry of Labour. Almost the same amount of time with colleagues. If 93% of French people generally appreciate their colleagues, then yes 80% admit to having at least one of the following:toxic” according to a study by MyperfectCV carried out with 1,038 employees. Half of the participants are even part of their professional circle three or four toxic colleagues. And 83% of them are affected by the bad habits of these colleagues who are considered “toxic”. a negative effect on their work:

  • their stress is greater,
  • their motivation decreases,
  • their concentration is more difficult
  • their patience is less
  • their professional life seems more difficult to them.

Even worse, 72% of respondents admit they are considering quitting their jobs because of them. We are toxic to someone when our behavior becomes invasive. To say that a person or a relationship is toxic, it must be a chronic character and it has that harmful consequences for the well-being of others. These consequences are then comparable to toxins what in the end, harm health‘ psychologist Dana Castro explained to us in an article dedicated to toxic people.

The astonishing profile of these toxic colleagues

According to the survey men would be slightly more unpleasant as women in the workplace (41% versus 39%), but also more experienced workers versus newcomers to the labor market (63% versus 30%). Finally, the following are considered the most unbearable by respondents: millennialsor the generation born between 1980 and the late 1990s (those between about 25 and 40 years). Obviously, ignoring toxic coworkers is extremely difficult. To limit the negative impact, according to the survey authors, there are several options available to you:

  • talk to them about their behavior
  • ignore them as much as possible.

If communication does not work or you do not dare to raise the subject yourself, you can always appeal to a manager.

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