7 small actions that show he loves you more than words can say

It’s been twenty years since The Notebook was released, but I still feel the need to continue talking about it.

I mean, it’s Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling (aka Ken) – can you blame a girl?

What I like about The Notebook is that it is, far from, a typical love story. And I say this because Gosling’s character Noah Calhoun is not all talk (although, let’s face it, he’s damn good at that).

Instead, he is a man with a heart of gold who likes to demonstrate this in practical ways and tangible actions. And of course we think that’s great.

In addition to writing a letter to his beloved Allie Hamilton every day for a year, he builds her the dream house they always talked about.

He is a man who really wants to show his love in every way possible.

If you’re looking for small actions (okay, not quite building an entire house) that will help you decipher whether your man is really in love with you, we can certainly help you with that.

Here are seven signs he loves you more than words can say:

1) He gives you thoughtful, meaningful gifts

Has he given you any sweet, meaningful gifts lately? The ones that are super personal and specific to you? Then you can take it as a sign of his commitment to you.

These gifts are not just material objects, they are ways to convey feelings that words sometimes cannot capture.

When your loved one takes the time to choose a gift that suits you, it’s as if they have tuned in to the depths of your heart. They get you.

If you need help feeling this, I want you to try this: Imagine your partner wandering the aisles or scrolling sites online, carefully selecting something he thinks will make you smile.

So if you open a gift and find something that matches your passions, interests, or even inside jokes, it means they have a deep understanding of who you are as a person, as well as a desire to make you happy.

2) He takes care of you when you’re not feeling well

From brewing the perfect cup of ginger tea to meeting the smallest needs, these heartfelt actions reflect a deep understanding of your vulnerability and a commitment to supporting you in sickness and in health.

But when your partner takes care of you when you’re feeling down, it’s not just about offering chicken soup or getting medicine, it’s about love in action.

By performing these seemingly small actions, you demonstrate their genuine concern and willingness to prioritize your well-being when you need them most.

It is an act full of empathy; they truly care about your comfort and recovery.

When they step into the role of caregiver, it’s a kind of wordless affirmation that your happiness and health are intertwined with theirs. Think of it as a love letter, written in action.

3) He looks at you with an unmistakable look of love

Okay, let’s talk about that heartbreaking look he gives you.

You know that one! Time seems to stand still and it feels like the entire universe is involved in your little love story.

It is that unmistakable mesh filled with desire, passion and love. It’s not just a look: it’s as if he’s revealing his soul through his eyes, and then each romantic movie moment floods your mind, like many of Noah and Allie’s moments in The Notebook.

Remember that one scene where they lock eyes after years and years of being apart, and you can practically feel the intensity through the screen? Ah!

That’s the kind of magic you have with him. Your man’s look is like a silent conversation that says, “You and me, we have something special.”

So when you notice him looking at you like that, it’s completely acceptable to treat it as your own personal rom-com moment.

Embrace it, enjoy it and let it be a chapter in the sweet love story you are writing together.

4) He knows all your favorite things, like color, restaurant and clothing brand

When your man remembers all the seemingly little things—your favorite color, your favorite sushi restaurant, and the sustainable clothing brand you swear by—it’s not just random.

It’s a clear sign that he’s paying attention. Not in a creepy way, but in an “I’m invested in this relationship” kind of way!

When he surprises you by incorporating these preferences into your life, that’s basically his way of saying so he sees you completely.

It’s certainly a quiet declaration of love, but it’s still one that says a lot.

It shows that he is actively attuned to your likes and dislikes, and is doing his best to make your world a little brighter.

5) He tries to get involved in your hobbies

Have you ever noticed him trying to make sushi with you even though he has no culinary skills? Did you notice that he recently bought roller skates after seeing that you had a pair? Did he recently sign up for the same climbing school you go to every Thursday evening?

This very proactive involvement in your interests and hobbies is a subtle but powerful sign of affection.

When a man goes the extra mile to dive into your world of hobbies, it’s more than just a way to fill his time or relieve his boredom; it’s a sign that he or she might be in love with you.

The details matter—the missteps on roller skates, the triumphs on the climbing wall, and the laughter over seriously crooked sushi rolls—and are a sign of all the effort they’re willing to put in to connect with you on a deeper level. level level.

He tells you that your joy is his joy, and that your passions are worth exploring as a team.

6) He likes to show you off to his family and friends

When your partner introduces you to their family and friends and talks about your achievements, it reflects their deep emotions and strong commitment to your relationship.

This is a public affirmation of your importance in their lives. By showing your connection in a social setting, he is declaring that your relationship is something he cherishes and wants to show to others as well.

Going to social gatherings with family and friends means that you are proud to be by their side.

It’s a nonverbal way of saying, “This is the person I care about, and I want the whole world to know.”

Furthermore, this behavior often indicates a desire for a long-term commitment.

By integrating you into their social sphere, your partner shows that he sees a future with you, sharing experiences with the people closest to him.

Introducing yourself to family and friends can also be a way to seek approval and build a support system for your relationship.

Your partner values ​​the opinions of those around him and wants to provide a positive environment for your connection.

Moreover, it is a way to create a shared identity.

By including you in their social circles, your partner emphasizes that your life is intertwined with theirs.

7) He created a very personal playlist of songs for you

Putting together a playlist speaks volumes about the depth of emotions he has for you.

The meaning of his song choice lies not only in the songs themselves, but also in the shared moments they represent.

Whether it’s about precious memories, little inside jokes or special occasions, each song becomes a reminder of your unique journey together.

Creating such a playlist requires meticulous attention to detail. It is essentially a personalized creation tailored specifically to you.

Sharing your musical preferences can also be an incredibly vulnerable act, similar to opening up a part of your soul.

Final thoughts

In the world of love stories, The Notebook’s Noah Calhoun teaches us that true love goes beyond just saying it.

It shows in your husband’s thoughtful gifts, care for you during illness, and that special look of love that speaks volumes.

These small actions show that love is more than words: it is a unique combination of gestures that create love sustainable relationships.

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