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6 health benefits (and good reasons to eat them)

6 health benefits (and good reasons to eat them)

We know that oilseeds are good for your health. Almonds, cashew nuts, sunflower seeds… they are all ideal as a healthy snack, but one is even richer than the other. Focus on the many benefits of pecans.

Pecan nut regulates cholesterol levels

Thanks to the unsaturated fatty acids it contains, the pecan nut is “lowers LDL cholesterol levels“explains dietician-nutritionist Cécile Castellan. It is also called “bad cholesterol“, because it deposits on the walls of the arteries and can go so far as to block them.

Pecan nuts are rich in antioxidants

Like all nuts in the oilseed family, so is the pecan rich in vitamin Epraised for its strength antioxidantwhich protects our cell membranes.

Pecan is excellent for the microbiota

The pecan nut, also called “pecan nut”, is good for the intestinal transit. She brings fibres So “improves throughput, slows down the absorption of sugar, helps with the reabsorption of cholesterol, nourishes intestinal bacteria, and thus contributes to a good balance microbiota, said the expert. It also has a satiogenic effect, ie relieves hunger.

Pecan nuts support immunity

The minerals that pecans contain, and more specifically the zincthat plays an important role in our immunity, but also in the pancreas health (it contributes to the regulation of insulin secretion and to the maintenance of a good hormonal balance). This trace element is also recommended for people who suffer from hormonal acne.

Pecan nuts are rich in phosphorus

Eating pecans brings… phosphorus. This mineral salt is mainly found in teeth and bonesthat it protects together with calcium.

Pecan reduces stress

A fruit of the pecan tree, the pecan nut is also a source of magnesium, which plays an essential role in the overall good health of our body. He is above all “contributes to good muscle function, and has anti-stress properties“, says Cécile Castellan.

How many pecans per day?

The healthcare provider recommends eating it four or five if you're a little hungry. They can also be crushed and placed with salads, or even use it to make crumbs. L'pecan oil is also a good alternative to olive or sunflower oil in salad dressings. One tablespoon per person per meal is sufficient. Cécile Castellan wants it anyway warn against excessive use of pecans because if so “Excellent for health“, it is still high in calories. Ingesting it in excessive amounts may prove counterproductive for people looking to lose weight. Consume it daily, but in moderation, in short.


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